You can participate in CardFunder by hosting CardFunder collection events.

Questions for CardFunder Collection Drives

CardFunder Proceeds

How does Compassion use the money donated through CardFunder?
Donations received through CardFunder directly support Compassion causes. Proceeds from CardFunder collection events can be designated to one of three Compassion causes – Where Most Needed, Malaria Intervention or Water of Life program. Groups designate their cause selection on the Plan a Drive form.

If our group is already involved in a specific Compassion program, can we designate our proceeds toward our existing effort?
Depending on the nature of your existing Compassion relationship, it may be possible for your event to designate your proceeds toward that effort. Please contact us at

Gift Cards

Are all collected gift cards eligible for CardFunder?
The vast majority of gift cards are accepted, including those for local businesses. Gift cards must have a remaining balance available for use on them to be converted into a donation to Compassion.

Can I donate a gift card that I've already used but still has a balance?
Yes. Even if you’ve used your gift card to make a purchase, if there is a remaining balance, it can be donated through CardFunder.

How do I receive a receipt for my gift card donation?
Compassion is not providing individual tax receipts, however your organization will receive a statement of total funds raised at the conclusion of your event.

Planning Your Event

How long does a CardFunder event last?
Your organization determines how long you want your CardFunder event to last. It can be as short as a few hours or it can be an ongoing collection effort with no set end date.

How will I know how much our organization was able to raise for Compassion?
At the conclusion of your event, Compassion will provide you with a statement of total funds raised. We have had single CardFunder events raise over $15,000 in one afternoon. The power of CardFunder is not in giving what you have in your wallet, but in going into your community and collecting cards from businesses and individuals.

CardFunder Materials

Do I have to return our CardFunder activation materials?
No. The CardFunder activation kits and other materials are yours to keep.

How do I order more materials for our CardFunder event?
If you need to order additional CardFunder materials, please contact Andrew Hanna at

CardFunder Resources

CardFunder is designed to be easy, so we encourage you to access our Social Media Toolkit or download PDFs for information on Compassion causes.

Social Media Toolkit

Causes You Can Support