Get Started - Churches

It's Easy

Host a CardFunder collection event at your church or through your Youth Group!

It's Fun

CardFunder is a new and innovative idea that makes giving fun and energizes people to participate. Consider a pass-the-plate collection effort on Sunday or create a friendly collection competition between youth and adults.

You can also create an ongoing CardFunder campaign and track progress against a goal. Social media is a great way to engage church members by encouraging them to bring in their gift cards or to go into their communities and local businesses to collect gift cards from their relational network.

It's Impactful

Your event will support an important Compassion program that you choose and directly impacts children around the world living in poverty.

Learn more about each Compassion cause.

“If you are looking for a simple and effective way to provide students an opportunity to leverage their influence in this world and make a global impact CardFunder is the perfect opportunity!”

—Brent Isbill, High School & College Pastor, Oakwood Baptist Church, New Braunfels, TX

“Maybe God can do something significant here through technology, by transforming gift cards to be used for a greater purpose. God seems to be doing something significant here and we are grateful.”

—Pastor George Wright, Cedarcrest Church, Georgia

CardFunder Resources

Social Media Toolkit

Causes You Can Support

Includes CardFunder video, imagery, logos and content ideas.

Learn more about each Compassion cause. Download the PDF to share how your CardFunder drive is helping children in poverty.