Crowd Funding has become a powerful tool in helping people around the world raise money to pursue their passions.

Compassion is introducing an entirely new take on that idea—CardFunding. Thanks to an innovative corporate partnership, Compassion has the opportunity to collect new, unused and partially used gift cards and turn them into funding for our mission—helping children around the world escape poverty.

Give a gift card. Change a life.

Why CardFunder?

Watch this video to see what Compassion can do with your help.

How It Works

Donating To Cardfunder is Easy!

You can host a CardFunder event at your organization, or donate now online.

Here's how a CardFunder event works:

    Drop gift cards in a CardFunder collection box.
  2. SORT
    The gift cards are sorted for eligibility.
    Eligible gift cards are sent to Cardpool, the leading secondary market for gift card exchange. Cardpool turns remaining balances into a corresponding cash value.
    Cardpool then sends the value of the donated gift cards to Compassion on behalf of the participating entity. Gift cards not eligible for Cardpool exchange are donated to partnering ministries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Compassion Use The Money Donated Through Cardfunder?

Donations received through CardFunder support Compassion’s Where Most Needed Fund. Additionally, churches and businesses who partner with Compassion to reach certain goals, may be able to designate those donations to specific Compassion initiatives.

Are all Gift Cards Eligible for Cardfunder?

Yes! All gift cards can make a difference! Our partner, Cardpool, accepts gift cards for exchange provided they are from national retailers, have no expiration date and have a minimum balance of $15 (which they will confirm). Gift cards that fall outside of the requirements will be donated to partnering ministries.

How Does Cardpool Value My Gift Card

Cardpool is a gift card exchange service, so they must find a buyer for each gift card that is submitted. The rates offered for gift card exchanges vary depending on the merchant.

Can I Still Donate My Gift Cards Through Cardfunder After Our Campaign is Complete?

Absolutely! CardFunder is a year-round program, and you are welcome to donate your gift cards through your organization at any time or by using the on-line donation tool.

How do I Receive a Receipt For My Gift Card Donation?

Compassion is not providing tax receipts for donated gift cards. Please consult with your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of this donation.


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Additional Resources

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Cardfunder™ Overview


Download this PDF for a quick and easy explanation of CardFunder, how it works, and how you can help.

Activation Ideas


Need help brainstorming? Here are three fun ways to engage your church or organization in CardFunder’s mission. Through fellowship, and a little bit of friendly competition, bring people together locally, to help children globally.

Spirit of Generosity


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